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last messed around with: 2010-03-26

I'm working with ActiveState Perl 5.6 under Windows. Which means, using Win32::GUI instead of tk and backticking to dos instead of a useful shell, all these scripts are of zero use to ther OS's.

I won't laugh when you mess up your PC with one of my scripts, but I won't promise doing anything else, either. Just imagine the previous sentence to be a formerly disclaimer. I share this stuff on a fair use basis - I'm so fair to use it myself with little or no damage to brain or computer, and I expect anyone making use of one of these scripts to

If you just find a particular approach a good idea and copy or even quote a part of the source code (which I doubt, because I'm very stingy with #comments), go right ahead. Letting me know would be nice, though.


A better way to present the list of recordings on a LinVDR when there is really quite a lot of Žem. With terabyte size hard disks becoming more common, the number of recordings goes three digits and you end up taping movies you archived before - at least it happened to me before I wrote this thing here. Simply drop the perl script in the cgi-bin folder of your LinVDR and point your browser to http://yourlinvdr:8000/cgi-bin/filmlist.pl


File glob that actually works in a Windows environment. Written out of frustration over other implementations that all failed at one point or another. Maybe you also have one that works and I just couldn't find it but in the end I was tired of wasting my time searching and evaluating, so I sat down and came up with this. Can do recursion.


The ultimate raw tool for organizing files. Combines dir, find, fc, copy, move and other basic file system commands with the power of Perl regular expressions. With one single call, find all files in your web project that use a certain object and have an outdated backup and copy them to another folder. Or do a global replace over a selection of source files. Or remove duplicates of your *.mp3 files. Or do
search.pl /fname *\*.mp3 /!name "* - *.mp3" /cmd "ren \"$f\" \"$p - $n\""
and all your mp3 files will include the subdir name in the filename if they don't already do so.

Extensive usage help. Understanding of Perl regular expressions not required. No GUI (yet).


A study on the way to a Perl IDE. It parses a Perl script (like itself), extracts all Win32::GUI objects and displays them in a treeview. Click on the event names under the object and see the script in a RichEdit with basic syntax highlighting. We'll see if I incorporate editing the event handlers before fall 2055.


Demonstrates making sense of user input - high hopes, I know.
About the only thing around here thoroughly commented :-)


Demonstrates how to take over the display, as the only window on a black background, like a screen saver or installer.


Cut a tile (or the whole floor) out of an uncompressed Tiff image and save it as one or more BMP images. The zip also contains Tifdir.pl to clear-text-dump a Tiff image's directory.


Demonstrates access to ODBC and Excel via ODBC.


Get standard resources like hourglass and size/move arrow cursors.


Provides an ez way to take care of dynamically shifting controls around when a window changes size. Also memorizes the size upon exit.

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